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I wonder if these two women will find a way to trust and support each other and to be friends.

I think one major barrier to that may be Jamie. Not intentionally on his part, but with Ian gone Jenny only has Jamie left of her generation. And in a way he is not only her brother but her first “child” as she took over raising him when their mother died.

I believe that Jenny has always been jealous (not stated but implied in the books) of Claire for taking her baby brother away from her. There is also the fact that Claire is more worldly and educated than Jenny.

Jenny refers specifically to that in Voyager when she admits she wanted Claire gone since she knows that Jamie will leave with her if she leaves Lallybroch. Even though her stated reason for arranging Jamie’s marriage to Laoghire,was because she was worried about him, she admits to Claire that she wanted him married to someone who would stay around Lallybroch and around her.

The irony is that Claire wants to stay at Lallybroch and make the home she and Jamie never had the opportunity to have, but Jenny doesn’t see that. Jamie with Claire at his side may very well have been content to stay close by. Jenny by her own actions precipitated the exact situation she was afraid of and was trying to prevent. I actually find myself sympathizing with her – who would have guessed? 🙂

What a tangled web we weave…

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