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Reply To: Jenny


I actually think both of these arguments are part of Jenny’s character. But also, an understanding of Jenny and her motivations has to be rooted in the realities of 18th century life (so far as we in the 21st century can understand them). Cait gave an interview where she was asked about all the assaults Claire faces and how she can move past them without lingering trauma, and Cait answered to the effect that, at that time, women didn’t have the luxury of being depressed or PDSD, they had to pick up and get on with life. That struck a chord with me–not that that kind of violence won’t affect a person, but the idea that they just don’t have the time to wallow in their own emotions. If you bring that idea to Jenny’s character, the motivations behind her actions become much clearer. The traumas that she’s faced don’t overwhelm her, but they have been woven into the fabric of her life in more subtle, but still critical, ways. And one of those ways is her relationship with Claire. She’s slowly beginning to trust Claire again but I don’t think she will ever allow herself to be as close to her as she was in their 20s. I thought a real breakthrough for their friendship came in MOBY when Jenny realized Claire had seen her rapist at the trading post, and told her about her daughter Maggie’s rape. I felt like Jenny was trying to comfort Claire, but still wasn’t ready to go all in emotionally. And their shared grief over Henri-Christian’s death also brought them closer together, especially the line about how Marsali had now joined this tragic club of mothers who had lost children (I’m paraphrasing here). Hopefully DG will see this relationship as something to move forward in Book 9!