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Hi Barb,

First, thank you for pointing me in this direction… I must admit that this forum confuses me at times, so I wasn’t sure where it was (until you mentioned it). Yes, it’s definitely a more appropriate place for this particular discussion. 🙂

I hear you on seeing characters through the filter of personal experience. I must admit that I view certain characters that way as well (Bree comes to mind, but I won’t get into that now because I don’t want to go too far off topic!). I can definitely see what you’re saying about abandonment issues (honestly, I’m not sure why everyone in the 18th century didn’t have more serious issues due to people dying all the time), and I agree that Jenny needed to come to some sort of peace with Claire in order to make a way for herself in the New World. I also agree that Jenny encountered enough “challenging” situations that she felt thrust into the conclusion that she needed to look out for herself. I guess where our thoughts differ is that I truly believe that she really believes that she’s protecting Jamie from emotional pain, and I also got the sense that she had this sense of longing (for lack of a better word— but I don’t mean “longing” in an overtly desperate sense) in terms of having someone to share things with… and I felt that Claire, as a kindred strong personality, fulfilled that role in Outlander. I came to this conclusion because, it seemed to me, once Jenny and Claire got past the mutual “who-are-you-and-what-is-your-role-in-Jamie’s-life” stage, they seemed to bond very quickly. But again, that could just be perception.

And I, too, think it’s wonderful that DG created this world of characters so complex that we can see them a bit differently! I have no idea what her intentions were concerning Jenny, but I can definitely see either of our scenarios being the “right” one. 😉


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