Terry Dresbach

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There is actually a thread on Jenny on this board – I and others have commented on her there. She is not a character I like as I find her to be manipulative and selfish in many ways, although there are others who differ and have valid reasons for doing so.

I do think that, even though Claire says they are friends in Outlander, that that is another instance of Claire as the unreliabe narrator. She wants to be friends with Jenny because she sees how close Jamie is to her and so she makes herself believe that Jenny feels the same about her. In Voyager she finds the truth of that when Jenny deliberately tries to make her leave in order to keep Jamie to herself.

In fairness, Jenny is damaged, as is Jamie, by the early death of her mother, BJR’s assault on her and the resulting imprisonment of Jamie, and the death of their father, so she clings to Jamie as her last blood relative. I can understand her clinging to Jamie, but I can’t forgive her disregarding Jamie’s happiness at having Claire restored to him, especially given that she has had Ian and her children and Lallybroch for years while Jamie has been imprisoned, lost Lallybroch his home,lost the role in life he was brought up to fill, and has lost his wife (and children).