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Hi kkilgrow,

I’m not Barb, 😉 but I just happened to come across your post, saw it was very recent, and thought I would add my two cents. I agree that Jenny has pretty much been in charge all of her life, and therefore isn’t really sure how to take Claire’s presence. She’s definitely used to taking care of Jamie (and everyone else), and whenever someone has a very definite idea of what their role/purpose in life is— and it’s something they’ve been doing pretty much since they were a child— it’s hard when someone else comes in and upsets that world.

But IMO, I’ve never thought that Jenny overtly wants to make things difficult for Claire and Jamie. At her core, I feel she adores Jamie and I believe all of the choices she makes concerning him center around her desire that he be happy. I think even her reaction toward Claire in Voyager has more to do with wanting to protect her brother than just trying to keep him to herself.

I also got the impression from the first book that Jenny felt an underlying feeling of kinship with Claire on a certain level (and YES, that bond is definitely weakened/tested later, especially in Voyager and Echo). She is meeting a woman “on her level” (i.e., not one of her tenants or servants) who is as headstrong as she is, and that’s probably a new experience for her. 😉 I always appreciated the fact that instead of having the women remain at constant odds with each other in the first book, they eventually seemed to fill a void of sorts in each other’s lives (that of close friend). I’ve seen inklings of that same feeling in MOHB as well (although I admit I haven’t finished the book yet).

I could be wrong (about ALL of this), but that’s my take on it. 🙂

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