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Barb, In reply to your formal book discussion post. I would truly appreciate your opinion of the character Jenny’s relationship with Claire throughout the book series. Jenny has been the one and only lady in charge of Lallybroch since her mother died. All her men have been the love of her life and no other woman’s, but hers only. Then Claire steps in to her brother’s life briefly and then out. Lallybroch is the Murray’s for her children to grow up and enjoy only because of the financial support of brother, Jamie. Without her brother generously giving his all, her home would not be there for her and hers. Claire returns and Jenny sends for Laoghaire to have these two have a face to face brawl. Claire and Jamie have to leave for many year, but still Jamie is always selflessly generous to the Murrays. Then Claire and Jamie’s child shows up on Lallybroch’s door step and it is Ian who suggest they should give Lallybroch to Bree. Being an Outlander reader, you know how the story goes with the Claire and Jenny until MOHB when Jenny gives an apology to Claire, but only for being ill mannered as Ian dies. Even though DG has not outwardly declared Jenny would rather not have another strong woman in her world of Lallybroch, I have always had a nagging feeling that Jenny’s Fraser / McKenzie blood is stubbornly and cunningly wishing to have Jamie to herself for her own means or is Jenny wanting Claire to make Jamie happy. As you can see, I am not as clever with words as you so forgive the rambling on with my thought process. I would respect your view on this dilemma. It could be something I have conjured up that does not exist.