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Barb, Thank you for writing an excellent synopsis of the book’s version of “You are my Master”. You painted a wonderful picture of two people forming a foundation to build on for their future connection to each other. Your detailed insightfulness was what inspired me to respond to your post and say thank you. It has given me a fuller view of this scene in the book. I wished that “the powers to be” for the TV series would have read your explanation of DG words so the viewers would have a better understanding of Claire’s, Frank’s, and Jamie’s relationships. Even though the scene got an applause from the fans, it only showed strong female dominating sex without depth of the true meaning. If they had shot that scene with your “Jamie’s prospective” of what was happing to them emotionally at that time, it would have given the viewer of the TV series a fuller understanding of Claire’s and Jamie’s nature for future episodes instead of only their creative sexual prowess. Thanks