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Reply To: The Big "O" Part Deux: Giving VS. Receiving


Wonderful insight, gamblin. As I read it, it made me realize that that scene is really the first time in the series where there is true intimacy between Jamie and Claire during sex. All the other sex we’ve seen has been awkward, hungry, or rough, for completely appropriate reasons in their relationship arc. But intimacy? You might argue the going down scene in a previous episode was intimate (and hey, another example of Jamie giving without receiving! Damn that ginger Scot and his sexual consideration!) And it’s the first time in the show that Jamie has allowed his love for Claire to really come through. It’s the moment, I think, when he comes closest to acknowledging that he truly loves her, at the moment he is about to lose her. I agree with maureenanne, this one scene added so much depth to both characters that wasn’t in the book.