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This is an old thread but a good one! Going back through the notes above, I realize that the TV version tracked the argument by the river and the whipping in a way that was very true to the novel. The make up sex scene back at castle leoch was greatly modified so the TV version was able to avoid the whole consent/recanting the consent conundrum. It could be that the Outlander team wanted to avoid what remains today as such a controversial and divisive topic. Or it could be that highlighting the big and little events that led up to the make up sex scene was just too time consuming to do in the TV version. Claire consented to the sex but then asked him to stop when it became too rough. I took some time to re-read the chapters of the book and what I picked up on this time was the emotional roller coaster that Jamie was on. Jamie mentioned several times that he was warned that women (and their reactions) did not make much sense. Claire was angry at times when Jamie thought she would be acquiescent. Claire was giddy and emotional when he expected her to be angry. Book Claire and Jamie just had an argument prior to the make up sex scene. He was out and about purchasing her wedding ring and Claire thought he was out to collect this vast share of the Mackenzie rents (implying he married her for economic gain). He warned her that he could not be gentle and she did consent. My understanding of this scene in the novel is a bit different now. I see this as him expressing with his body all of the pent up desire, frustration, anger and fear that he has been experiencing since he met her. I always loved the image of her wedding bands scraping the castle wall as her arms were held above her head. The TV version did not capture this but perhaps there just was not the time to lay the foundation. It would have been a great contrast to the tenderness in the sex scenes when Jamie thinks he is going to send Claire back through the stones.