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That was my reading of it, as well. He made quite a few comments in that vein. Here is a compliation of all his tweets during the airing of that episode: http://www.threeifbyspace.net/2015/04/outlander-ron-moore-tweet-catch-up-episode-11/ I was glad to read them afterwards, it helped me understand the why behind certain artistic choices. (I haven’t had a chance to do the podcasts yet, I think that might be a project for the downtime before Season 2!)

My impression of the both of Claire’s slaps was that she must have seen Gone With The Wind before going back through the stones, and was channeling her inner Scarlett. I get the general impression that it wasn’t a “big deal” for movies done in the 30s and 40s, thinking of as another example “Wuthering Heights” – everybody was slapping everybody else in that one. There are plenty of blogs & articles about why films showing women slapping men is OK, even “cute,” and not treated the same way if the genders were reversed. Don’t have the engery to go there today…