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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


Maureenanne that is a really interesting observation. I was taken aback by that slap. It was one thing for Claire to slap Jamie, her peer in strength (even though he’s clearly more than her peer in physical strength) and quite another to hit a younger, much smaller person. I hadn’t thought about it until you brought it up. I didn’t like Claire while she was doing it, and now feel that the writers/director really did her character an ill service. My question is why? What were they trying to prove? Why is Claire being shown as so physically aggressive for that matter? I don’t have a sense of her as being that way at all in the books. Brianna, yes. And that is one reason that I have always had a hard time with Bree: a big woman who slaps and hits people. What will the writers do with that character? And how can we expect the male characters to show restraint and not be willing to critique the women when they act out physically?