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Reply To: The Big "O" Part Deux: Giving VS. Receiving


I’m not on social media to speak of, and I have been horrified to hear the stories of what Sam and Cait (but especially Sam) have had to endure over the last few months. In a couple of recent interviews he’s mentioned how he was sleeping on a plane and woke up startled to see a fan bending over him IN HIS FACE. I cannot imagine anyone being that insensitive, but they’re out there. It appears that Sam has become so much more guarded and wary than he was in the beginning–if you watch some early interviews he’s so wide-eyed and excited and open, but not so much now. I know it’s a survival mechanism for him, but it’s sad.

I didn’t think of the idea that Jamie might not want Claire to be carrying his child when she goes back to Frank. I just saw it as a very tender loving moment. But it bugs me that men are thought of as “selfless” (good point Photomom) when they give an orgasm but don’t receive one, but women are not. It’s all part of the whole idea that men should be praised and respected for things women do every day–housework, child care, orgasms. 🙂