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Reply To: The Big "O" Part Deux: Giving VS. Receiving


Clara, I agree the social media disgusts me and I am by no means a prude. In the beginning I felt protective of Sam and Cat and I still do, I do not want to see them become another victim of social media gone horribly wrong. This may sound hokey but I pray for them both that they and their family would be protected from the malicious gossip and criticism. They are giving so much of themselves for our enjoyment and we are giving our thanks in mean and inappropriate ways.

I love the show, I love how the writers interpret the soul deep relationship between Claire and Jamie taking great pains to make sure it isn’t raunchy. I think many women, including myself wish their husbands had a little bit of Jamie in them.

I love talking about Outlander and I hope I have found a place where I can discuss the books and series with out worrying that contributors will disrespect the actors, producers, writers and Diana.