Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: so whatcha making?


Hopefully others will chime in…I can only sew by hand so I’m limited. First off I admire your choice to do a Claire skirt. Did you find a pattern or are you making your own? Do you have a bodice already and will you attach the skirt to the bodice or will this be a separate piece? If you have some remnant materials that you don’t care too much about it might be good to do a practice skirt to make sure you like the pattern and don’t have to make any modifications. If you have any sort of pattern in the material then I think your biggest challenge will be cutting of the material and then arranging those tiny pleats at the top of the skirt. Check out the plaid dress that Claire wore to the gathering. I thought that lining up of the plaid was just beautiful. Terry just recently posted some pictures of a Claire dress with a mink trim. There is a close up view of the skirt to bodice. Good luck!