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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


Glad to see this thread about the second half of the season! I did not plan to watch any episodes for awhile but circumstances put me at my sister’s house this week and we watched two episodes back to back. My sister has not read the books and so she just enjoyed being immersed in the series.
Of course I bring my thoughts about the books to each episode so here is my humble compare and contrast:
I enjoyed everything about the episode #9 rescue, the argument by the river, and the reckoning. Not sure why everyone referred to the reckoning as “the spanking” because Claire gets whipped with a belt…but it was just handled so well. SH really had a chance to shine in these scenes. I really enjoy LV’s portrayal of Geillis. She is such a nuanced character. I was impressed with many of the series’ adaptations to screen with Dougal, Column and Jamie. CB is such a wonderful actress and she creates a fantastic on screen Claire.
There are a few things I think the series should be mindful of. CB is just taller and more commanding than book Claire. There were times during the reckoning scenes that CB looked just as tall as SH. When CB slaps someone it’s going to appear very aggressive. Claire is strong in so many other ways not sure the physical stuff is all that necessary.
I did not care for the temptation of Jamie (his father was devoted to his mother, his sense of honor), Laoghere’s insult to Claire (she thought Claire was a witch and so would not have risked a “curse”) or the choreography of the make up sex scene (looking forward to the next one though). Sorry for any spelling errors. All for now.