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Hi, I am curious about the last post from Terri re: Sam’s comments on social media and backing off a bit. I have been avoiding Sam interviews and Sam pics because I have been overwhelmed — and imagine he has too. I know there are thousands of women (or maybe just 10 who feel like thousands) copying him on every tweet they tweet and writing to him constantly. It is bizarre.

But right now, I am grappling with something that I think crosses a serious line with no place to talk about it. I suspect that “dis is da place” if there is such a place.

Currently, in a secret FB group, with 700 members, maybe two of whom are male, there is an on going series of images of Sam/Jamie and Jamie plus Claire being posted by one member that I feel cross a line. I want to talk about the kind of images and see if I can get feedback here. (There are by the way many totally cool members of that group with whom I have fun, silly discussions. I don’t want to have to leave it; I’d like to make it better.)

Here is the issue: you know all those screen caps distributed by Starz? Well, routinely and increasing in frequency there is a person posting collages of Sam/Jamie’s body parts (also Sam’s IRL body parts) chopped up into pieces and re-assembled. My question is, how does one know when much is too much? Stop. I know when much is too much. But how does one articulate that? communicate it to the admins or to the group? I haven’t the words.

Imagine screen caps of the love making scenes in The Reckoning – and Starz put a lot of them out there. Now imagine if you took big scissors to the screen caps, and cut them up into jagged approximately triangular or other polygonal shapes, most sort of irregular, rather like the jagged pieces of a shattered mirror. Then you reassembled them into a collage and shared them on social media sometimes with descriptors of body parts included. Is this pornography? If it isn’t pornography, what is it?

I would imagine that most of the women in the secret group or the legions who are fans of the show would, if they stepped back, see there is something wrong. Certainly if they saw pics of say Jennifer Lawrence’s headless nude or semi-nude body chopped up and reassembled into collages of body parts and shared by men on social media, they would be horrified. How does one point to what is being done to Sam in the same way by women and put a name to it? I know there was a Supreme Court Justice who said about pornography, to paraphrase, I know it when I see it. But, what is the name of what I am seeing? Any ideas?

Hope this makes sense and is seen as worthy of a response by members of these forums.