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I saw the recent interviews with Sam discussing social media and I wanted to drop a note acknowledging Sam’s efforts given that I am the one who brought the subject up. I have never attempted to contact a public person regarding their social media habits, or for any other reason actually, simply because I thought I would be ignored. Goodness knows there are plenty of public people who deserve to hear some honest talk. I guess they just don’t think that what they do on social media has an effect on not only their lives, but the lives of people they don’t know as well as the cyber collective as a whole.

I want Sam to know that I appreciate that he has the courage to be honest and address his social media issues publicly and I hope he realizes that his actions in this regard do benefit more than just him. He’s helping to reset the online climate to one of respect. As a woman, that’s important to me. The treatment of woman online in general and the daily sexual harassment, from graphic offers to outright threats, (I’m 53 and a Grandma for God’s sakes) I receive personally are often overwhelming and leave me feeling constantly angry. Not that it stops me of course. I’m not dead yet. But every aware man who speaks up helps. Please thank Sam – even if he’s only doing it to keep it from reflecting back on him. It helps the cyber collective and it does make me feel better that he responded.

Often, since I first commented on February 3rd I’ve been afraid that I struck too hard. I’m used to confronting very confrontational people. Further, I was having a “goddammit” moment while trying to be productive and wasn’t sure if I’d managed the right balance. I hope there are no hard feelings. There certainly aren’t on this end. I just wanted Sam to take responsibility, take charge, and do the right thing and to my utter effing amazement – he did. Duly impressed.

Oh, and I really, really, really liked that scene by the river. The acting is just out of this world breathtaking.

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