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More ramblings, bear with me…

When I began to see Sam and Caitriona for themselves and realized what an exceptional gift they were giving me (along with everyone who works so hard to make this a reality). I started looking beyond the characters they portrayed and found Sam to be a genuinely nice, good hearted man who is committed to bringing his best to every scene for us, the fans. I will admit that the healthy female part of me admires his beautifully made male form, is attracted to his extreme masculinity/vulnerability. At the same time I want to tuck him under my wing like a mother hen would her chick and protect him from the “dark” side of human nature coming his way. He appears to me not to know what to do with suddenly being thrust into stardom and all the good, bad and ugly that comes with it. I will be eternally grateful to him for creating My Peak Challenge which got me off the couch on which I had spent the last two years dealing with fibromyalgia. It is astounding to me that he cares so much about the Leukemia Lymphoma research as well as his fans (me) that he would take the time to motivate us(me) into giving/moving and becoming a better me.

On to Cait, an extraordinarily beautiful person inside and out, separate from her character as Claire. I looked at some of her photo’s when she was modeling and found a stunning woman, strong and self assured, which leads me to believe that she can handle a little bit better than Sam the ugly part of the “fandom” while still retaining her inner beauty. I give Cait major kudos for putting herself out there in the buff, opening herself up to all manner of good and bad criticism. It takes major courage and the ability to be comfortable in your own skin to do it. I don’t know anybody now a day who has a perfect body without being air brushed and hers is gorgeous and real. I love her smile, I love her witty comebacks with Sam, I love her sweetness, her class and most of all her generosity in giving of herself.

I would like to thank you for giving me this safe place to share my point of view, and I would like to thank Ron for taking the time with his podcasts to go through each episode and explain what went into the writing, filming, production and post production. I have become aware of so many different aspects of film making, things I took for granted or never even came up on my radar. He gave me an immense appreciation for the actor’s dedication, the staff’s discussion and concern for every aspect of the transition from book to film while staying as close to the story as possible. I have a new found respect and appreciation for all that you do, just so I sit down for an hour a week and be able to block out the worries and stresses of my everyday life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This a little off the objectification of Sam topic but I think I manage to address the issue at least a little bit. I have learned that the only actions I have control over are my own and when faced with the chance to inject some good into a situation I will attempt to take it. The only way to counteract the negative is to bombard it with the positive, so this is what I plan to do with the hopes that eventually the negative will drowned out completely.

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