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Also, all of us watching (female) commented on how painful the corset looked to be on Claire’s breasts … Was that usual? One commented that she’s glad to get out of a bra at the end of the day, and can’t imagine the corset ….


Yes, the corset pushing up the breasts were usual in this time period. Of course one is glad to get out of corsets at the evening but that is very much because we are not used to them any more. The corset was as much part of the daily life as petticoats or today panties. They must have felt quite awkward not wearing it during the day.
Besides, the tightness depends on the use. Normal working women would not have them put so thight as eg. for the wedding dress, a singular occasion where you try to look best. And, not least, the corsets were made especially for the owner and therefore not measureable with corsets in stock you get today which fit seldom perfectly.
I sew and make historical garments especially for Renaissance and Rococo now (thanks, Terry…!) and wear them on some weekends a year and I have no problem to work everyday’s business in a tight laced (not too tight, mind) corset. It is quite comfortable and prevents from back pains due to wrong posture.

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