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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


I agree with AllisonL on the camera angles used in the makeup sex scene. I don’t spend a lot of time watching porn (well I don’t spend any time watching it) but I have seen films, both narrative and documentary, about the adult film industry and there was one shot in particular that seemed right out of those types of movies — and just as soul-less. It was all about getting the shot of that penis going in and out thing. There seemed very little emotional connection between the two people involved in the act – these were certainly not the lovers of The Wedding or Both Sides. In fact, this was not lovemaking, it was having sex. I actually preferred the make-up sex in the book, which at least involved passion — and sought to answer the question, will you have me? with an answering, yes.

I agree also on the scene at the river between Claire and Jamie. It was the most powerful and real scene in the whole episode. I appreciated the way Jamie restrained himself, even though lets face it Claire pushed and shoved him hard and got right up in his face. I didn’t have a problem with her doing that, or the slap, it seemed very real; but I think it is interesting that most fan discussions and professional reviews have focused on Jamie’s punishment of Claire — with not a word about her getting physical with him and his not hitting back. This said more about him than a lot that happened later. It said a lot about her, too. She could not have been so rough and aggressive with him if at bottom she didn’t trust him completely not to hit back. (Perhaps that was why she was so shocked by the later punishment, which was not about passion or anger of course but about 18th century mores.)