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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


That’s an interesting point about Jamie’s “people skills” in dealing with Colum and Dougal. The first watch-through, I wasn’t sure I was on board with that whole subplot Colum/Dougal feud. But after I thought about it I realized it is one of those TV changes that is giving the characters more depth AND more motivation to do what they already do in the book. The one big problem I’ve had with the books is that characters do Big Things with seemingly little visible (to the reader) motivation. I always thought the Laoghaire betrayal, for instance, was an overblown reaction to what was presented as little more than a jealous snit. The show has brought out those unwritten but important motivations very well so far.

And what IS with that whole “tearing down Jamie” thing anyway? A man can’t be emotionally astute and willing to change his attitude without being unmanly? I find it rather humorous that in this one episode he invades the stone walls of a fortress, rescues his wife, gives her the belt as punishment, and then is thought of as unmanly because he finally comes around and says, “I’m willing to try this balanced and equal relationship thing.”

On another topic, the whole ep had such a different vibe being from Jamie’s point of view, and while I understand why they did it I don’t think I like it much. The thing that drew me to the books, and the show, was its female perspective. I especially noticed it during the make up sex scene; the camera angles were a lot of the standard male-perspective shots that didn’t draw me in the way the Wedding did. That’s not to say I didn’t, ahem, appreciate it.