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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


Thanks for starting this topic, I’m happy to see some folks are still around and are up for discussing the show.

First off, I loved Ep9 and think its the best one yet! I thought the differences from the book enhanced the story, rather than detracted from it. Yesterday I went back and re-read the pertinent chapters and found myself thinking OK, this sentence might have been what led the writers to extrapolate about this or that. I felt like the added scenes could have been a hyperlink from the book – showing what went on when Claire was not present – and then back to the regular text. (Sorry, I’m probably not explaining that visualization very well…)

I agree that the spanking scene was well done, especially in showing that at this point in their relationship Jamie & Claire didn’t “get” each other or their perspectives. It really got across the contrast between Jamie’s expectation that Claire would just submit to the spaking and Claire being outraged that he would even consider such a thing. I am glad they showed her putting up such a struggle. The music and cuts to the commentary from the men in the taproom helped alieviate some of the tension.

I didn’t mind the extra Laoghaire scenes either. I thought they brought an air of realism to the story and something I could relate to. I’ve personally seen men who are conflict-averse, very vested in their self-image as the “nice guy”, or wanting to keep peace at all costs within a social group behave in much the same way with the supposed gentle let down and not being clear about their feelings and intentions. Only to have their behavior come back and bite them in the ass later. I’ve seen women hang on to any scrap of attention, seeing only what they want to see and hearing only what they want to hear, and pursue men who are not interested in them only to be disappointed and bitter in the end. I thought the temptation of Jamie and his deliberate decision to try and fix things with Claire echoed modern marriages, where the couple might be going through a rough patch and one spouse is tempted by the hottie at work, but sees that as a wake up call to recommit to his/her spouse and work on their marriage instead of cheating.

I have seen many comments on social media about how the show seems to be “tearing down” Jamie. I would call the changes humanizing. In the book, I found Jamie to be almost too perfect and as a result, not that interesting. (Then again, I gravitate to characters that have nuance and depth and contradictions such as Severus Snape, Boromir & Faramir, Spike (BtVS), and that’s what I loved about all the characters on BSG.) Seeing different aspects of his character in the show has made him more likeable and renewed my interest – for example, how he easily demonstrated great people skills and conflict resolution with Colum and Dougal, but it took him much longer to figure out how to apply those skills to his relationship with Claire.