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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


Yes! I just saw that clip and was startled by how much it digressed from the book version. I wonder if it is part of the way Ron and Co. are diverging from the book–I’ve noticed that the TV version has given various characters much different motivations for their actions than in the book. For instance, there was no hint of a sexual thing between Dougal and Claire in the book; Dougal’s hatred of Jamie was purely political. The show has given that hatred another layer, and one I don’t like. Same with this–in the book he did brush off Laoghaire, but not to the extent that he misled her about the marriage (at least, I don’t remember it being that way), so now Laoghaire’s jealousy has a deeper connotation. Maybe they’re doing that to heighten the tension, or maybe Ron and Co felt that the characters needed more motivation for their actions. I never really understood why Dougal wanted to kill Jamie in the books, but if he’s got an unrequited thing for Claire, it makes more sense.