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Reply To: Second Half Discussion


I too feel very excited, can hardly wait for Saturday. There has been a new clip posted on FB and youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbtFxbEtFiA, Laoghaire confronting Jamie. This scene is not in the book, but a good addition to the series. Jamie is trying to be gentle with her, probably feeling guilty he hurt her feelings, but i can’t stop being disappointed in the way he handled this conversation, his trying to find excuses and blame it all on Dougal. His comments are even more misleading than his previous behavior towards Laoghaire. No wonder she feels he was forced into unwanted marriage and tries to get rid of Claire later on to free Jamie from such a burden. Not very honorable behavior if you ask me, suppose it is one of his flaws he learns to overcome as he grows older.