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I have not seen the photo and have no desire to look for it. I’m 53. I’ve seen one or two. I’ve limited my social media contact with the show to one Facebook page. I don’t think its fair to punish the show for what has been going on on social media. The problem of the photo isn’t limited to Sam Heughan or Outlander. A lot of people have had naked photo’s they didn’t authorize published on social media. Prosecutions need to happen.

As a new technology social media has clearly been a problem for the entertainment industry. It is an industry that is used to operating in a certain way – promoting practically everything in a sexual manner. That marketing strategy is something that works on television because television provides its own distance. Fans can’t interact with television. Social media is a different animal. The contact between fan and celebrity is far more immediate, direct and intimate. The actor, on twitter for example, is literally interacting with people who could be watching a sexy youtube video of that actor as he tweets in real time and the actor doesn’t always think about that. Cheeky, flirty comments are not a bad thing in and of themselves but one has to remember that one is making contact with hundreds of thousands of people one does not know where ever they are (bodily and in their minds) at that moment – not where the actor is or where the actor’s mind is. The fans don’t know him. Further, obsessive fans have always existed but social media gives them a way to connect with one another even as they connect with the object of their desire. They give each other permission to act badly and support one another in doing so. This phenomenon is not limited to Outlander. You will see it again unless and until the industry itself figures out how to use social media better.

The drama surrounding Mr. Heughan’s private life was ridiculous on several levels. But then again he’s the one who messed up there. That was his bad. He slipped it in himself. Consequences are a bitch? I told you so?… He’s taking his knocks and hopefully learning from it and moving on. Again, don’t punish the show. It doesn’t take away from the hard and good work he’s put in and it certainly shouldn’t effect everyone else who has worked so hard and so well to bring the show to life.