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Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: Thank You


Hi Terry

I am new here and ‘Thankyou’ seemed a good place for me to make my first post.

I am very new to Outlander. I discovered it in late 2014 (Nov I think) and only as a result of the amazing costumes.

I sew, weave and knit, but my greatest love is dyeing. I dye yarn and fibre, and have a little following in Australia.

Late last year I saw a media picture of ‘Claire’ wearing the hand knitted shrug (? with the collar) and then discovered the chunky knit cowl. The costumes were amazing! Of course this led me to discover the tv series on i-tunes.

Over the last few months I have been dealing with illness and surgery and have listened to all of the audiobooks in the series. I simply fell in love with the story and cannot wait to see more episodes and need more books! It has been a fantastic distraction.

Back to the costumes – the work of yourself and your team is amazing. I am particularly impressed when I read in your blog that you have a dyeing team and a dye room. I have read about how the tartans and costumes reflect the natural colours in the landscape. I am even more impressed to learn that you have a dyeing team responsible for achieving this. To me this brings a great deal of authenticity to the costumes and the show.

This of course brings to mind the wool waulking episode! lol! though I suspect that those ladies are not the dyeing team that you refer to.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thankyou to you for introducing me to Outlander. Listening to the audiobooks and examining pictures of the amazing costumes has been a much needed distraction. I look forward to seeing more of your amazing work on this series.


Sarah (in Australia)

PS Love this forum and look forward to being involved in future discussions. The members here seem to understand and respect that the actors and characters are not one and the same. I have viewed a few other forums/sites and quickly realised that my obsession with Outlander is not exactly the same as some others (I found some quite scary)