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Reply To: Male View Point


So we watched the last episode prior to hiatus and my husband definitely enjoyed it. We love dogs and I could tell that my husband was taken with the series when he indicated that Dougal reminded him of our dog Max (all business, family protector, alpha man of the house) and Jamie reminded him of our dog Archie (young, doesn’t know his own strength, very sweet). High praise from my husband considering how much he loves our dogs. When my daughter started to go to pre-school behind our house, Max dug under the fence and managed to get into the school and find her classroom three days in a row. After that, he decided she was O.K. 🙂
All that said, I don’t think he would have watched the series without my prompting. None of the marketing efforts would have reached him even though he is a big history buff and loves military strategy. So, my very small and personal study leads me to conclude that at least some of the guys watching Outlander have been prompted by wives, girlfriends, partners. It might not be a bad idea to introduce articles about the show to some of those history and military strategy publications. Might get some additional viewers from guys who are interested in Scottish history, weapons of 1700s, and the American Revolution. Just a thought.