Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: so whatcha making?


check out my website http://www.celticblouses.com It has been so many years since I’ve looked at this but I saw CelticGlamazon’s new screenshot and it brought me right back to when I got together with several friends and created blouses based on the Pre Raphaelite paintings that I love. I like the way the medieval and Josephine blouses photographed because I could pair them with simple skirts and achieve the look I was looking for. I’m not so happy with what I loosely characterized as renaissance. I just did not have anything like the bum roll to achieve that exaggerated hip. I also later figured out how to sew some tiny crinoline under the bell sleeves to make them fan out. We used fabric scraps to make wraps and purses and I have a friend with industrial embroidery machine so we had fun adding images to the smaller things. I love Loreena McKennitt and so was able to give her the wrap that I created based on one of her recordings. I met her back stage…she is just amazing. There are a few really primitive images of chatelaine belts and I just needed a lot more experience in metal work. That is what I am into now…molding and hammering silver into linked chains. Still trying to create that perfect Chatelaine. I have a wrap inspired by Outlander…dragonfly in amber. The wrap is velvet on one side and then amber taffeta on the other. I should give as a gift to Terry! I really need to update this website. Would love your feedback.