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Reply To: Outlander comparisons to Fifty Shades


Hi, Ginger!!

So about the marketing specifically, because I can’t find an edit button all of a sudden…
I work at a company that is nationally known (I won’t name them) in Creative, which is under the auspices of Marketing. These are, to put it bluntly, some soulless number-crunchers. They want to be able to spout how many clicks and hits and likes they got and if they can associate themselves with the latest buzz they are orgasmic with glee. I think this is partly what is happening with Starz, in that they have two young beautiful leads who are having sex on screen and they see FSoG buzz and are like “Hey! Let’s sell this! We need to get in on this!” without real knowledge of what “this” is.

I think that the second half of this first season will go a long way to making this show Starz’s GoT, and hopefully that will slant the marketing away from focusing only on the sex. If the next Hunger Games comes out for example, maybe they will latch on to that.