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Reply To: Outlander comparisons to Fifty Shades


Some points that come to mind for me:
-The physical violence done to Claire by Jamie is not repeated (although I doubt I would stick around in modern times) and supposedly a practice of the time (which I have also heard arguments against). The violence in FSoG is pretty vanilla by BDSM standards, but the emotional abuse is rampant. If Jamie was a controlling dick to Claire I don’t think I would be a fan.

-I don’t disagree that games and playing can enhance a person’s sex life, and I am not her to shame any women that watch the movie or read the books, but just accept if you do (as I accepted when I read them) that you are reading the story of an emotionally abusive relationship.

-I think Outlander is different in that Diana obviously at least researched her time and place and I really think EL James is coming from a place of willful ignorance as far as what her book says about romance. Market it as erotica all you want, but that’s not what you wrote. You had these two bastages fall in love. (Also unrelated but of note the book is really badly written and about 89% plagiarized from Twilight).

-I read this great article about it, wanted to share. Pretty much sums up my view.