Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: Outlander comparisons to Fifty Shades


I read a bit of FSOG out loud in a hot tub with my husband. We had some fun with it until the “contract” was introduced which caused us to laugh to hard that the book fell into the tub and was ruined. We saw the movie as erotica I guess and had a good laugh (our fellow movie goers having several good laughs as well much like the audiences detailed in the NYTimes review that Terry posted). I can’t take the books or the movie seriously enough to be threatened or offended by them. At Sunday mass the priest did mention that perhaps we should donate money to a domestic violence shelter instead of seeing a certain “movie”. I looked around at several moms that I know read the books, have great self esteem, and probably had great sex with their husbands afterwards….probably because their husbands are not Christian Grey. It’s sort of like going to a horror movie with your boyfriend…getting really freaked out but knowing that you will go home to be with your boyfriend safe and sound.
I just do not care for Outlander marketing that detracts from the quality of the novels and the series. Someone made the point earlier that Outlander was trying to separate themselves from the FSOG movie with the 50 shades of plaid. Not sure why this was even necessary? Oh well, it will all pass soon.