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Many thanks! The old steam heater is working again today. We did watch episode 6 and I have to say my husband was critical. The scene with Dougal allowing Claire to wash alone and then joining her just did not ring true for him. He kept saying ..”Dougal knows the countryside much better than the Brits. There is no way he would allow this to happen.” After Claire was spotted by the Officer, Dougal would have paid particular attention to banding together. I did tell him that this particular part of the story was not in the book. 🙂 He could not believe that Dougal did not claim Claire for himself. Of course, I am not telling him anything and so he does not know Dougal is married. He did not see how Jamie lived through the flogging. BJR is one of the more despicable characters he has seen….of course he usually just watches sports. Episode was a little dark for him.