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Watched episode 5 last night with the husband. He is still in the Dougal camp…” ripping shirt of Jamie’s back was for dramatic effect and justified to increase the collection. Jamie is much more competent bodyguard than Rupert and Angus. Jamie is kind of a puppy. I can see how Claire (if she stays with the Scots) is going to try to prevent Culloden. I think Claire is going to decide to stay with the Scots because she is relatively safe with them (has not been raped) and she might get a chance to run back to the mystical stones. If the English take Claire, Dougal will get her back. Dougal is not entirely sure he can trust her but he is really attracted to her. Claire has a beautiful complexion. Claire might not like Dougal now but she will if he rescues her right? Enjoyed the episode.”