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I’m new here, but I’ve enjoyed reading the many well-considered posts. I’ve read all 8 books at least 4 times, and have also read the LJG books at least 3 times.

That being said, I in no way consider myself to be any sort of expert on the series, and DIA is my least favorite of the books (not counting “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows,” but let’s not go there). However, after reading the posts in this thread, I’m troubled by the apparently overwhelming animosity toward Brianna. Yes, she’s bratty and self-absorbed. Yes, she’s quite hateful and disrespectful toward her mother. And, yes, she should’ve exercised her intelligence to realize that she couldn’t be Frank Randall’s daughter.

Consider, however, that Brianna worshipped Frank and he worshipped her. I think it’s quite common that daughters tend toward hero-worship of their fathers and a mild disregard of their mothers – at least until they have daughters of their own. I did it, and my own daughter appears to suffer from the same affliction. From what I’ve read about DG, she worshipped her own father also. Why shouldn’t Brianna? Her unwillingness to acknowledge that Frank couldn’t have been her father is a subconscious denial stemming from her love of him.

People who find out as teens or adults that their parentage isn’t as they have thought throughout their lives have a tendency to negatively overreact upon learning the truth. Brianna has likely always “known,” at least at some level, but the realization is harsh. I just think she deserves a little more compassion and latitude for her reactions and, for lack of a better term at present, character flaws.