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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


It takes me awhile to process some of these posts because you are stimulating a part of my brain that has not been stimulated in quite some time. 🙂 (Not asking for pity). It’s all business, business and care of the family that consumes my life.

So, I have thought about why Claire was so intriguing to me when I read the books and how I viewed her as powerful. I loved the fact that Claire was sort of nerdy, bookish and not particularly interested in her looks at the beginning of Outlander. I was never of the opinion that Claire was unattractive. I guess I viewed her as a natural beauty who was not consumed by her appearance. Claire’s self esteem was derived from her wits and her medical knowledge. Fast forward (or backward) through the stones and Claire’s sense of self is really tested. I think Claire begins to understand the power of sexuality and sexual attraction. I have heard the marketing folks indicate that Claire and Jamie fell in love during the wedding episode but I disagree. From Claire’s perspective, the book indicates that she is giving Jamie a gift, rewarding him for his valiant efforts at saving her from BJR. From Jamie’s perspective Claire has given him a new toy. Whether she lies it or not, I do think Claire experiences this power of sexual attraction with Jamie. Seems stronger than in her relationship with Frank.

For TV Claire, I thought she best portrayed Claire’s strength in the episode with BJR which is greatly expanded from the novel. I’m going to chalk it up to the challenges of moving a story from one medium to another.