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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


Well, I get what you mean. She is very independent, driven and goal-oriented in OL. And we get a lot of internal monologue about how practical she is in her approach to adapting to her new environment and circumstances. I would say those are all hallmarks of pragmatism.

I’m not sure that I see that waning (yet) over the course of the books. Do you think her character changes because of her relationship with Jamie, in that his nature overwhelms hers? Or maybe that she becomes focused instead on maintaining her relationship with him, no matter where he might end up? Maybe we don’t really get to know Claire in the first book because she’s in such a stressful situation and is just reacting.

Though I do think that one of Claire’s primary character traits is that she is not comfortable showing strong emotion. DG addresses that in that scene in Drums when Claire asks Jamie if he knows she loves him and whether she should try to tell him so more often.