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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


Did book!Claire ever cry?

Oh, she did, after tending to Jamie when she first gets to Leoch. He pulls her on his lap and she weeps. After that she shakes it off and gets back to business.

We need the extra emotion from TV!Claire so that there’s a strong reason for her to want to leave 1743 Scotland. Here’s my question to you: why is crying seen as such a sign of weakness? We like that Jamie is vulnerable, but somehow Claire is weaker for showing so much emotion.

I hear everything you’re saying, she is certainly more fragile on the show then in the book. But I can identify more with TV!Claire in each of these situations. I wouldn’t want to marry someone else when I had a husband I loved in another time, and I would be sad about going through it, no matter how nice and good-looking the groom is. I don’t think TV!Claire had much of a choice there, and neither did Book!Claire. Those shows of emotions make me more attached to the character and more real.

So does the weeping and show of emotions make TV!Claire less strong? I say it makes her identifiable and human.