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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


Yes, yes and Hell Yes. The show began with a very strong Claire. She falls through the stones, stands her ground against BJR, pushes her way in to fix Jamie’s arm, both at the cabin and on the road, holds her own against Collum & Dougal etc., etc. Unfortunately after Episode 1 she goes downhill from there.

By The Wedding episode Show!Claire is NOT Book!Claire just as Show!Jamie is not Book!Jamie at that point. I’m not sure why they made her a weaker character but they definitely did. Maybe it was in aid of emphasizing her connection to Frank. It’s interesting that the scene they deleted from the end of Episode 6 was another added Claire/Frank scene rather than the voiceover Rachel wanted to see. If it had been that at least we’d know they wanted to showcase her strength and pragmatism and had to cut it for time constraints.