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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


Please be redundant. I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast, let alone what I read on a forum at some point in the past. My apologies if I’m just writing the same thing over and over — I should get more sleep if I want to actually have a functioning brain!

(Though actually, I don’t think I ever made it all the way through that giant thread. I kept switching browsers, hoping to find one that would handle the increasingly bizarre formatting, and then eventually gave up. Plus, I do think that repeating thoughts and comments in other threads is helpful because they can be relevant in new ways to new conversations. So yes, as far as I’m concerned, repeat away!)

Anyway, I do see what you’re saying about a lot of Claire’s wedding-related internal monologue being removed. And you’re right that it seems like it wouldn’t have been too hard to include some of that, either when she’s signing the wedding contract at the end of Ep 7 or at some point during her wedding-prep scene in Ep 8. I think a lot of this didn’t really occur to me before because, as a book reader, I knew what was going on in her head. Sometimes it is hard to see the show as a standalone piece.

And yes, too, to the hangdog (not hungover) expression. It got a bit old, but then again, the show seems much more invested in making us experience Claire’s loyalty to Frank than the book was. I was also originally thinking that Claire was pretty firm and even cold with Dougal when he tried to sidle into that wedding-night action, but then again, maybe it’s weird that she identified so quickly as “Jamie’s wife.” I’m not sure Book Claire would have used that excuse in that situation.