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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


As long as I can be redundant from the giant thread… for me it was the Wedding that drove me crazy.

My take away from the book wedding was Claire saying “well, thus is the fucking stupidest thing I’ve ever been asked to do. But, you know, this whole thing is just bizarre. Hello I’m in 1743? But, if I marry him then I CAN HAVE MORE CONTROL OVER THIS SITUATION. The guards will be called off. Perhaps I can convince Jamie to take me back to the stones.”

When they took out that voice over they doomed Claire to me to a powerless woman who is doing what she was told to do.

Even the dress. In the book Claire is tempted to just wear her liquor-stained dress, but she decides that SHE deserves to look good on her wedding day. That wasn’t there. Instead we just got her looking like her puppy got run over by a car. She didn’t look hungover, she looked like she was going to cry.

Did book!Claire ever cry? (she does later, obvs, but I think she managed to make it thru the stones, to Leoch, thru Rent, thru Brockton, thru the wedding, thru the wedding night all without crying.

ETA: this clearly makes me much angrier than any TV show should.

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