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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


Claire did have more agency in the book. I missed her telling BJR that his wig was crooked and to get stuffed.

I’m thinking about this because I loved all of Claire’s grim joking in that scene in the book, and I didn’t realize until you mentioned it, Patriciatrish, that it wasn’t in the show. I particularly loved it when Claire accused BJR of trying to torture her “by bladder” because he’s serving all kinds of beverages.

But I think by the time TV Claire has been arrested, she knows all too well how truly evil BJR is because she has seen his true self during their long conversation in “The Garrison Commander.” So she’s entirely aware that she’s dealing with a sadistic sociopath, and that leaves much less room for flippant behavior. In the book, even though Claire has heard about Jamie’s floggings from Dougal, it’s really only after Jamie gives her all the details of BJR’s proposal and Brian’s death that it starts to sink in that she has maybe underestimated who she’s dealing with.

Is that the only place where you guys feel that TV Claire had less agency than Book Claire?

And regarding Claire being rescued by Jamie in that scene, I didn’t really question it in the book, probably because it’s such a standard trope, but I did give DG a mental “I see what you did there” when I got to the big climactic set piece (aka Wentworth) and found it was all about Claire as rescuer.