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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"



Rachely I feel the same way. Love this conversation.

I’m curious about “outspoken” not being male-gendered in the 40s.

I’ll have to disagree with Mrs. Parker here, too. Claire had just come out of the war, so on the show we’re meant to assume she had more autonomy, being a battlefield nurse separated from her husband. What struck me in that scene was that she stepped aside for the doctor, even though she seemed like she was capable of handling the situation. She moved way for a man. She did the same in Garrison Commander. I feel her outspoken-ness speaks to us TODAY, but for a woman in the 40s in England she would be considered odd. Then again, she had an “usual upbringing.”

To follow up on the flipping of traditional roles that Mrs. Parker commented on, I found that I could relate to Jamie more (book & Tv) because DG wrote him in a very well rounded way. Yes, he’s the traditional burly scotsman at times, but he’s also well read, gentle, empathetic, caring, and emotional. Claire, for me, does the same, except that at times TV-Claire seems to fall into traditional type-cast responses that undermine her strength from the book.

They both have traditional male and female traits, which is very human. I think that’s why they’re so relatable and why so many people have fallen in love with these characters. Book!Claire is stronger but more reserved in her emotion. (Thank you Mrs. Parker for your use of exclamation tags to separate the two).

Hopefully this didn’t come across as a college lecture

Honestly, I like that you make me think before I post. It’s refreshing to find a place to speak about things that don’t have to do with Sam Heughan’s personal life, beard scruff, or choice of undergarments. College lecture away.