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First off, ShieldMaiden, welcome and I love your name, and hope to see you in the Vikings thread. You came through loud and clear!

[quote quote=7025]
There is one little scene I’d particularly like to see – it’s in the first part of the book, when Claire and Jamie are at The Rohan’s house and Herr Johannes Gerstmann, the king’s singing master, invites them to take part in an impromptu chorus. Claire has a moment of bonding with the shy Mary Hawkins who she persuades to sing with the choir despite her stammer (Mary ends up singing hidden behind a curtain, but singing nonetheless). I think that Bear McCreary, the show’s composer, could have a lot of fun making the music for this – either by digging up some interesting baroque music, or composing some himself.
There’s also a scene at the end of part one where Claire and Jamie have a huge fight after he returns from a brothel covered in bites and scratches. Since the scene involves a bathtub, a mostly naked Jamie, and quite a lot of meaty dialogue for the actors, ranging from comedic to poignant, I think that the producers would be crazy if they passed on the opportunity to film this.[/quote]
A resounding yes to both of these. The Mary Hawkins scene, because it shows Claire’s kindness. Claire can sometimes come off as cold and a little judgy, and her warmth and loyalty toward Mary was one of the highlights of DIA for me. It could be Mary’s connection to Frank that makes Claire act this way, but regardless, I like seeing Nuturing!Claire.

As for the post-brothel scene, there is so much meaty dialogue there that I hope the writers don’t pass up. Jamie is so naive about sex and lust that it’s almost comical, but I really like his vulnerability when he talks to Claire about these things.