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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


I agree, this is the point in the books in where I wasn’t sure if this was really NOT the bodice-ripper as I had heard it wasn’t. Claire did have more agency in the book. I missed her telling BJR that his wig was crooked and to get stuffed.

Honestly, Claire’s lack of agency has me questioning whether she should be seen as a strong female lead. Does strong female lead mean more screentime, or does it mean that she’s more in charge of the narrative, rather than the narrative happening around her?

HELLO MY PEOPLE. I LOVE YOU ALL. Claire better start kicking some ass in April and not be all ‘someone kicked my puppy’ or…or…or something. I’ll start watching it with the sound off the way I do GoT. I am the ultimate pragmatist, so when Claire isn’t doing that I have trouble connecting.

in other thoughts:
I think you can have a strong female lead without her having more airtime–think Scully and Mulder sharing the stage. Sometimes he saved her; sometimes she saved him. Sometimes she cried; sometimes he cried. Sometimes she inhaled the poison mushroom spore; sometimes he did. And they were stronger IN THEIR PARTNERSHIP, rather the way LaterBook!Claire and Jamie are. (I’m totally stealing Mrs.Parkers’ exclamation points though in my head i keep putting in the tongue click.)