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And now for the real kicker. In MOBY, Percy is searching for Fergus as a possible relation to a Beauchamp, which implies a familial connection to Claire. If it’s a direct connection, Claire is descended from Fegus and Marsali’s children. Which means Claire is a descendant… of Laoghaire.

mind BLOWN!

Hmmm, Jamie does have a type!

But, much as I love how the television series gave us the visual of Jamie just looking at Claire, always looking, always aware of her, turning to look at her one last time before he leaves a room, I’m hoping the television series shows him looking at her again, to see how she’s the same and how she’s changed, just marveling that she’s there again. (I’m in a lurvy mood tonight, it seems).

I started re-watching the series with Storywonks new podcasts. You’re right, Jamie is always watching Claire even when he’s not aware of it. I didn’t realize Jamie was in love with Claire in the books until he was sleeping outside her door at the inn, but in the series I could see it right away.