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May I also add my well said to Patricia?

I find it odd that people are hanging onto one thing she said and accusing her of starting a firestorm.

I do too. Just because Diana said something to someone she counts as her friend doesn’t mean the fans in general should follow suit. That’s for her and Sam to sort out, not us. If people are saying that it’s okay for them to flirt with and harass Sam just because Diana does it, I would respond: you are not Diana and you do not have that relationship with Sam.

Lady Gwynedd, you’ve posted about this many times. Were you the one who said Caesar’s wife must be above reproach? Diana’s not Caesar’s wife. She’s Caesar. I mean that it’s her story that’s being transferred to screen and she’s not some matriarchal figure that must be followed no matter what (or patriarchal). Now I think it’s fine to say that her comment made you uncomfortable, that you wouldn’t like that same comment said to you, or that you think it’s inappropriate. But the repeating over and over that it’s wrong and jumping on anyone who thinks differently is the problem in general with this thread – a stubborn unwillingness to entertain other viewpoints. I don’t want to get stuck on this again but here we are.

Back to Patricia’s post

Has the selling of Sam Heughan as the sexy male lead of the TV show, with so many revealing photos and scenes and cheeky interviews, created this online deluge of inappropriate behavior by some fans? Has social media contributed to this and made the harassment worse?

I say yes, it’s made the situation worse. I also think while their target market is female, they are ignoring the parts of the show that will attract male friends. My husband likes the Scottish history element, the male bonding, the Clan intrigue, those nasty Redcoats, antique pistols and the sword fighting. These are important drivers of the story. How about selling some of those aspects, Starz? Make it much-watch TV for couples, not just for ladies!