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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


I am quickly learning that where Connie, Rachel, Mrs. Parker and Celtic and go is where I want to be. Agent Carter? BSG? Game of Thrones? Smart feminist remarks? If Mrs. Parker is covering snacks, I will bring the booze.

I will, in fact, drink all the whisky. I’m like the Quarter Quell Victors from District 12.

So, BSG, I know this isn’t a BSG thread (and maybe I should make one) but I find this interesting: the last time I watched all of BSG it was actually on TV (like with COMMERCIALS! {shudder} and I probably taped it on my VCR {ye olde}). The plotlines that drove me CRAZY 7 years ago don’t bug me as much. Like the New Caprica thing or Baltar and his cult. I think because I don’t have to wait all that TIME to get through them. I don’t have to wait weeks or months for everyone to finally get off New Caprica, just a few hours.

This new world of binge watching is fascinating.