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Reply To: On the TV portrayal of the "Strong Woman"


Hi, Sonya! Thanks, I think after a rough start I’ve found my niche here, too.

I think for me a strong female lead is the following:
1. Female
2. Doesn’t wait for the boys to fix it
3. Gets shit done, whether it’s housework, trying a criminal case or kicking alien butt
4. Owns her sexuality and does not try to hide it to make others feel comfortable
5. Has some sass. Not required but it’s a definite plus.

To address AnCatDubh1980, yes, it’s silly that we say strong FEMALE lead when really it’s a strong lead. And perhaps if we stop gender-izing certain traits such as strength, vulnerability, nuturing, leadership, problem-solving, sass, snark, etc. we can do away with the shock-of-it-all title “strong female lead.”

Mrs. Parker I need some cheese!