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You’re welcome! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I’d love to hear about your it – if you’d like to share. As the islands are so “small” – maybe you will be able to see and talk with the woman in the article or others. I’ve found that any time spent with or conversations with “locals” when I am traveling are always the highlights of my trip. We enjoy visiting and staying in small, out of the way B&B’s – buying food from small shops, etc. We’ve enjoyed meeting many wonderful people and have had amazing experiences – such as going to an old stone church on Easter Sunday in Hexham, England – and our family being invited home for Easter dinner with a local family, being given fresh oatmeal cookies “for the road” from our hostess at a small Scottish B&B – and I highlight for our boys – waking up on a Scottish farm with a highland coo looking in the bedroom window!