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Thank you! Setting the tone. I love it. Now I can go on. In a perfect world where there were fandom incidents even when the actor’s involved were very careful with their tone I think we would possibly be discussing the objectification of the fictional character, Jamie Fraser. I think by now we would have recognized that for a lot of the book fans Jamie Fraser et al exists (God bless their husbands). It happens when you read books. We also would have already recognized that in the books Diana does make reference to the both Claire’s fascination with Jamie’s kilt and the size of the anatomy beneath it. I’ve seen fans react to pictures of Jamie Fraser (played by Sam) with comments like, “he is well hung…” Who is she talking about? She has no idea what the actor has because it isn’t shown. The comment wasn’t about the actor. The comment referenced the character he’s playing. In the books, Jamie is. She was talking about Jamie. She’s a reader – not a film fan. If you go to online groups that are run as book clubs with quotes from the books instead of pictures of the show you will see comments like that – a lot. Most Outlander’s fans are book people – not film people. The rules are different with book people and their minds are not in the same place. The truth is, the ladies have been discussing Jamie’s junk for years – long before Sam was cast.

They’ve been discussing the kilt too. The kilt in real life is different from the kilt in Outlander. Those of us with Scottish uncles know this. It’s not sexy. It’s usually somewhat obnoxious (I do not want to see that uncle). But not everyone has a Scottish uncle. They see the kilt through Claire’s eyes.

I caught my own mother researching our family tree back to the Carolina’s to find the Fraser’s while reading these books. She’s in her seventies, she’s read all her life, and she’s never done that before. (I am concerned.) There is something about these books that makes that line between fantasy and reality very blurry. Bringing them to life was always going to be kind of scary especially for the actor who plays Jamie. There was always going to be a certain amount of bleed through between the character and the actor in the fans minds. It was always going to be important for the actor to set the right tone to deflect the Jamie splash as much as possible… dammit. If I was him I’d hire a communications expert to teach him what he needs to be projecting and how to do it effectively. Social media is no place to fly by the seat of your pants especially when you are playing the most sexually objectified male character in modern literature.